The symptoms of brain cancer

by Rachel on May 12, 2015

brain tumor is usually the growth of cancer cells in the brain itself or the spread of cancer cells in the brain caused by other body parts. In the first case, it is classified as primary and in the latter as a secondary. The tumor is benign or malignant. When is benign, it can not life threatening. The malignant cancer and is the leading cause of death among all cancers.

Most of the early symptoms of brain tumors are performed as a routine medical problems usually out and connected to common diseases get. However, they must show some information that can serve as a warning.

Frequently symptoms associated

* A feeling of lethargy gradually day by day.
* Signs of general weakness.
* vomiting.
* Dizziness or maybe a short spell failure.
* fever associated with hallucinations.
* Persistent headache or sore blown head.
* decreased vision or hearing.
* A lack of coordination in the implementation of routine tasks like eating or walking, etc.
* stumbling for unknown reasons.

Other symptoms

* numbness in arms and legs or each arm (s) or leg (s).
* Experience weakness on one side of the body.
* two or arm (s) or leg (s) still numb for a period of time.
* Swelling in the brain detected during a scan.
* hydrocephalus.

brain tumor affects the organ of the body that controls all other bodily functions. As a result, the cancer progresses, always keep new symptoms in the patient, which is to limit its functionality when corrective measures are taken to control growth. * Failing first bit of magic, but gradually increase locomotor

* Memory loss: Because cancer cells begin to dominate the brain cells, a direct impact on the will form ..
* Loss of balance and equilibrium.
* When the slide speech.
* approach patients varies considerably.
* visible personality changes, lack of concentration and attention.

Brain cancer is a killer. But more and more research in order to contain its spread and to increase the chance of a patient surviving, doctors have combined doses of radiation and chemotherapy. If possible, an operation that has resorted to remove the tumor, followed by radiation therapy to the patient without cancer.

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