The symptoms of detox

by Rachel on December 8, 2015

Many of us know that detoxification is the body disposal method, while the food we digested revenues toxic substances. A healthy and stable body can be achieved by the food that is rich in minerals and nutrients. As far as the food we intake is in its raw state than it is worth. The raw food diet is still rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, which are very important to build a solid fabric.

The food body level is maintained by the abandonment of the coffee interests, tea, chocolate, tobacco, salt, pepper. The need for nutritious food is essential to heal the disease immediately, provided that the body’s digestive system works.

In general, when we record the amounts mentioned above, headache, fatigue, vomiting, and heart rate slows, may cause respiratory problems arise. These symptoms require the need for nutritious food.

Maintaining our health is constantly depending on the type of food, combination of foods and fruits, when the consumption of food. If we suddenly stop drinking coffee, tea, chocolate, it is a headache for most occasions. The reason for the headache is on the elimination of toxic substances like caffeine, Theo bromine finally out of our body. Before they finally postponed, they provide a pain. If we continue to avoid coffee and tea for 4 days, we feel very good, and health restored.

By improving our food system, the body regains its health and stability within days. It is done in three phases. In the first phase of the waste is disposed of and the construction of a new tissue begins. Stability is obtained in the second phase. The third phase called anabolism, which removes most of the waste and the absorption of new foods is rich in nutrients and assimilates adds the weight of our body.

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