The symptoms of hypochondria

by Rachel on November 24, 2014

Hypochondria is a psychosomatic condition of nature. But for those who are concerned, the problem is all too real. They imagine them actually. Really a form of a terrible disease Skip to many doctors to find that it. Nothing wrong with them

In general, a hypochondriac the following symptoms:

First, they are the most important that this is really a disease.

. 2 He continues to explore the medical books and websites for the symptoms they believe have.

. 3 Consult a physician to submit undergo medical tests, and then not the conditions are not as they found it. Nothing wrong with them

. 4 You have strained relationships. This is because they complain incessantly of their health problems, it seems that this is the only thing they talk about.

. 5 They believe that even the smallest symptom may indicate a serious condition. The slightest change in color on the skin means they already have cancer, so they believe.

. 6 They constantly monitor their vital signs and to test many things, even if it always that every test is normal. They control their blood sugar always in fear that they have diabetes, check always believe that their blood pressure, they have either high or low blood pressure blood. You do these things, even if every time they do, you will find nothing wrong.

As to what kind of person gets hypochondria, we think there are some characteristics of people who can run. Examples of people who have become hypochondriacs tend to be:

First People get bored. You have nothing to deal with them, allowing them to focus on their health.

. 2 bereaved. The loss of a loved one often begins a discussion with their health.

. 3 People with high levels of stress. Stress often triggers many unwanted feelings in the body of a person. There are cases where people feel they are because of all the pressure from school or work, who are sick. This is the most common form.

. 4 People who have had a previous serious illness. If a person is recovering from a serious illness, like cancer, they are very afraid of the possibility that they return.

. 5 People whose family has a history of medical conditions. They believe that because a disease runs in the family, it is very possible that they contract. They also believe that everyone in the family are possible carriers of the disease.

In the treatment of hypochondriasis, antidepressants can be very useful. Most patients with a drug that induces the production of serotonin in the brain chemical serotonin produced the brain that makes people “happy.” This will help curb the thought process of a hypochondriac, so they are as they work a little less worried about their health and helps them better.

The therapy is also a viable option. Change the way of life of a man appears to significantly help cope with them and eventually eliminate their hypochondria. If someone believes they are in good health are the chances that they will.

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