the symptoms of leukemia

by Rachel on May 8, 2015

Each type of mature blood cells has specific characteristics and functions within the body. White blood cells or leukocytes play an important role in the immune system fight infections. White blood cells also help heal wounds and cuts. Red blood cells or red blood cells contain hemoglobin, which has a great importance in the transport of oxygen to the cells in the body.

Leukemia is a general term for four different types of blood cancer. There are two types of acute leukemia and two types of chronic leukemia. It begins in the bone marrow as a cell change and a leukemia cell. This cell multiplies and eventually the normal blood cells are moved.

Once leukemia is suspected, doctors recommend more frequent testing for confirmation. For leukemia, the most common test is a blood test to see to leukemia when anomalies. One of these abnormalities anemia, which means that the blood very low levels of erythrocytes or red blood cells; Patient unusual pallor and a certain degree of difficulty in breathing often characterize this condition.

Unfortunately, acute leukemia does not always happen. Sometimes it is exposure to certain toxins, such as causing benzene. In fact, if this is the case, it is best to consult an experienced attorney. Often legal proceedings can
taken to suffering to help because of the disease.
What are the risk factors for the development of leukemia or lymphoma? High exposure to radiation either by tests or during the work of a person increases the likelihood hood get leukemia. Smoking increases the chances of getting leukemia. Some diseases such as Down syndrome increases the chances. A person with a family history of leukemia is an increased likelihood that later in life.

As time goes on and the disease progresses, symptoms of feline leukemia came clearly to light. There may be blood in the stool, his appetite, coughing, choking, tumors, poor coat, weight loss, loss of color gum, jaundice, difficulty swallowing, and ulcers on body openings, ie, ears, mouth and nose. If one or more of these symptoms are noticed the cat was taken to a veterinarian for a complete physical examination

werden.Einige of the most common symptoms of leukemia patients are found to have the fever, chills or other symptoms, which, like the flu; Weakness or fatigue may also occur in patients. Due to the heavy tole that the disease on the body can appetite of the patient and normally after this experience, the weight could fall. The sweating may also be present, especially during sleep at night.

A complete blood count is used to make a diagnosis of leukemia. This blood test can confirm the point of high or low white blood cells and show leukemic cells in the blood. Sometimes the number of platelets and red blood cells are low enough. bone marrow aspiration and biopsy tests are often performed to verify the analysis and have a look for chromosomal irregularities.

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