Tips on How to Deal With Warts on Your Face

by Rachel on October 24, 2010



Facial warts can have a devastating effect on the self-esteem or confidence level of the person having them. Warts on the face generally appear in teen age, an age when the child is in his or her formative stage. It is important to give such person proper counselling to avoid his or her slipping in a depression mode.

A virus called as human papilloma virus causes warts. Facial warts can be flat or raised and in varying colour. In certain cases, these warts are sometimes in a cluster and can result in ugly-looking and feeling bumps on the face. Some children are even afraid of them and avoid looking in the mirror.

The spread of facial warts can be triggered by coming in contact with the virus, living in highly humid zones and or walking barefoot in areas like gardens and swimming pool etc.

While warts also heel by themselves over a period as the immune system of the teen ager improves, there are quicker ways to tackle the ailment. These treatments include medication, surgical procedures and natural home remedies. Knowledge of these will help restore the self-esteem and self-confidence of the subject.

Children have a tendency of scratching the warts. This only aggravates the condition and helps wart virus to spread to other parts of the body. Counselling the subject on do’s and don’ts in this condition is therefore very important in containing the virus and appearance of warts on the face.

Teenagers who are free of wart ailment will be well advised to avoid physical contact with a carrier of wart ailment as that can transmit the virus to a healthy child. It is however re-emphasized that warts are not contagious as the viral is not an airborne virus. Only physical contact poses the danger of transmission of disease.

Our aim should be to see that one does not get the virus in the first instance. This can be done by ensuring that your immune system is strong and perfect. Eating healthy and balanced diet is one sure method of avoiding mal nutrition and hence lowers the probability of wart occurrence.

Drinking enough water is yet another way to reduce the possibility of wart occurrence. Water is the best detox for human body and it helps body maintaining the liquid balance.

One should be extremely cautious not to scratch the warts. It not only exposes the rest of the body to the virus but also forms scar on the scratched portion of the skin. Many a times these scars could be permanent and would pose yet another problem to the person.

Whatever be the case, one must understand that warts can be removed and permanently too. There are various procedures available in clinical treatment. The home remedies for warts are quite effective and time-tested. There is no need to get alarmed and panicky. Get back your good looks.

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