Top 3 Tips to Prevent Genital Warts

by Rachel on July 16, 2010

Genital warts can be to live a very painful situation. In addition to the painful nature of the condition, however, a worrying fact is that, if there are different medications, the symptoms (and perhaps eliminate the effect of repetitions and to soften the nipple), the n ‘there is no treatment “complete” for the virus that cause genital warts with a condition in which the adage “better safe than sorry to get” more than real, because if you have the condition, there are very few – if any – you can do to eliminate it completely. To understand how to prevent genital warts, it is important to first have a basic understanding of what it is that causes the condition. As it turns out, genital warts caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) are the cause. This virus is spread primarily through sexual contact with an infected person (although it is important to note that the exchange of bodily fluids is not strictly necessary for the transmission of the virus, so simple contact between the infected and uninfected is often sufficient to transmit the viruses). The fact that you can easily contact between an infected and uninfected cause genital warts infection means that, in addition to unprotected sex, the disease can also share with others, sanitation, and will disseminated so on, as the virus that causes genital warts is known that causes survive outside the human body for a longer period. Because sexual contact with an infected person remains the main mode of transmission of genital warts, it follows that sex (protected by condom use) is one of the best ways to be relative to the protected status. Of course, since the virus, genital warts caused does not depend on the exchange of bodily fluids from one person to switch to other – and the state can also be transmitted by casual contact between persons infected and infected person – should not be surprised if they still have genital warts, despite the use of condoms, condoms because certainly not foolproof in preventing it. If you take a wife, a further important step towards the prevention of genital warts is a vaccination against the state of vaccine Gardasil has asked for, which also protects against cancer of the cervix. Unfortunately, as things stand, there is no such vaccine against genital warts in men – that does not mean that it is a “women only” disease – that the chances for a man still infected with it are almost the same as the chances of having a woman suffering from the same condition. Another step towards you, you can keep free of genital warts is of prime your immune system, because it is compromised immunity is responsible for the production of a virus suspension of genital warts (HPV), and also recurrence of disease symptoms and more serious – and often – when the virus in the body. Of course, while protecting themselves against infection by genital warts, your immune system a boost and keep you safe from a series of appalling suffering that other immune deficiency exposes you.

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