Treating Warts

by Rachel on June 25, 2010

Warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). As warts are very contagious, they have become very common in the general population. They can occur anywhere on the body. These benign tumors usually caused by human papilloma virus, is often away on their own within two years. It may be a long wait. When suffering from warts, it is necessary to eliminate HPV infection to eliminate them.

Most of us try something to get rid of unsightly warts, treatment of 196 ° C with liquid nitrogen for daily applications of salicylic acid for weeks. It is therefore preferable to use the drops over the counter or visiting the doctor to have this pesky wart frozen off? Or is something radical needed? Unfortunately, there are few successful medical facilities.

Involves the repeated application of salicylic acid directly onto the wart. A series of tests with salicylic acid showed 75% of the warts disappeared after the acid treatment, is considered, compared to 48% of warts to placebo. Salicylic acid can be bought over the counter. Cryotherapy, where a doctor used liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill the warts, is the method of contact for many people, if salicylic acid has failed.

Dinitrochlorobenzene (DNCB) as salicylic acid is applied directly on the wart. Studies have shown this method has been effective with a cure rate of 80% compared to 38% for placebo. DNCB but must be used much more cautiously, as salicylic acid, the chemical is a known mutagen, may cause genetic mutations. Example, a doctor administer DNCB. This medication causes an allergic immune response, inflammation that causes the wart virus defenses color.

Alternative therapies, injections of the anti-tumor agent bleomycin laser treatment does not seem to have a constant efficiency. better studies are needed to determine the method of wart removal is probably the most effective. herbal medicine is a vast field and new discoveries are constantly in the light came.

Medicinal plants provide profound results in a large number of complaints to heal, recent scientific studies prove this fact. Nature provides a remedy against warts, and various remedies for all sorts of evils. The beauty of these natural extracts is that they not only get incredible results to eradicate specific diseases, but do so without adverse effects.

We must be a general lack of knowledge and misinformation about natural remedies available online. There are many websites promoting the “natural” cures warts, but those responsible for production of the said rule, regardless of background or education of medicinal plants failed. This is problematic because of the absence from treatment, the required efficiency and allow customers satisfied.

Some of these companies and products have been “illegitimate”, organized by the regulatory authorities. Nevertheless, they continue to provide Internet illegitimate and ineffective treatments online consumer ignorance against spam. Our remedy for Warts and our other treatments, the real deal. the results of our products are guaranteed. They get real results with our increasing list of shown more satisfied customers.

Warts occur on the body, face, feet, hands and genitals can be removed successfully AntiWarts-Rx. This product is made from organic products strictly antiviral plant material and concentrated with natural monoterpene ketones, the huge anti-viral activity against warts virus, HPV, showed how, in published scientific trials.

In treatment of warts, visits AntiWarts application / Rx, the infection hard and fast to use the powerful forces of nature to produce monoterpenes. These micro-particles provide rapid absorption, they give the cell membranes with incredible rapidity, and have a direct antiviral effect against warts. Removal of warts is generally observed in 1-4 weeks.

Studies in medicinal plant extracts AntiWarts-Rx has proven its ability to destroy the HPV virus, penetrating all layers of the skin and a direct antiviral effect against the HPV virus particles. AntiWarts-Rx has a broad spectrum of activity against HPV is non-toxic when applied topically and is a completely safe and effective stain remover warts.

As the product quickly in the skin tissue without unwanted side effects that have absorbed, it is ideal for eliminating wart infections. The pharmacological effects undeniable and deep-Rx AntiWarts support its therapeutic use. The efficacy of this treatment against warts offers concrete results. For more information, visit http://www. Pharmaceuticals kind. org.

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