Treatment of Verruca Vulgaris

by Rachel on June 25, 2010

verruca vulgaris is a common complaint among children, including 5% to 10% of all pediatric patients. Warts are benign growths caused by HPV. They can occur at any surface epithelialized body. The peak incidence is at age 12-16 years. Although two thirds of warts in children spontaneously without treatment within 2 years, patients frequently request treatment to accelerate the resolution.

One variety of treatments have been studied for the treatment of warts, success rates differ. Some treatments for human papillomavirus by the American Academy of Dermatology listed cryotherapy, salicylic acid, cimetidine, cantharidin, podophyllin resin, cryosurgery, carbon dioxide laser, no treatment, heat, and occlusion tape. Most of these therapies are either expensive, painful, or labor.

Current treatment options for warts based on many pediatricians is cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen. This method involves freezing a wart with liquid nitrogen for 10-20 seconds every 2-3 weeks. As cryotherapy destroys warts not well understood, but The predominant theory is that freezing causes local irritation, as the host of an immune response against the virus.

A major drawback of cryotherapy for many children, the fear and discomfort they experienced in the procedure. The pain associated with cryotherapy using some strips of lidocaine before the procedure led to recommend. Other possible complications of cryotherapy are blisters, infections and skin dyspigmentation. Cryotherapy is also inconvenient because it requires more frequent clinic visits for success. When the gel is the interval increased, there was a decrease in the rate of healing.

There are anecdotal reports in the literature of the therapy tape occlusion for treatment of common warts. Tape for six days, then for 12 hours before the cycle is repeated and has been removed in the treatment of warts Periungual subungual success. Despite the lack of data tape occlusion therapy at dermatology meetings as a safe and effective treatment has been approved and has been used successfully by dermatologists in many institutions.

The mechanism of action of duct tape on warts is unknown, but as with other treatments, it may be the stimulation of the immune system of patients by local irritation. Tape occlusion, if proven, could a cheap, convenient and painless alternative to cryotherapy in the treatment of pediatric warts.

However, this cure for warts are not always successful. In fact, you can cure warts by the use of a common wart, because the return of the activation of latent virus in healthy skin near the lesion. Most patients with warts warts require several treatments over a course of several weeks or months.

Without significant improvements occurred not administered by three medical treatments or if complete healing has not occurred after six treatments, another treatment method should be used. When used to cure warts HPV-associated diseases are used topically on skin surfaces. Local skin reactions and pain are common side effects.

Difficult warts can be surgically removed or burned. After surgery or acidic chemicals used to expect a scar in this area. Try WartCure, an all natural topical treatment to cure warts presents a wide range of measures against the HPV virus that causes warts. It kills the HPV and has a curative effect against warts.

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WartCure users typically experience rapid elimination of warts without scarring, tissue damage or relapse. These cures warts are painless and will work extended wart removal, skin tissue back to its original state before the onset of infection. Because these warts can remove warts can actually cure acid treatments as surgery or a thing of the past belong.

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