Treatments For Hpv Infection In Men

by Rachel on June 10, 2010

Some types of HPV 30 or so associated with genital cancer, cancer of the anus or penis can result in men. The cancers are rare, especially in men with a healthy immune system. Other types of HPV rarely cancer in men, but they can cause genital warts. At any time, about 1% of sexually active people in the United States have genital warts.

The risk of anal cancer is about 17 times higher for sexually active gays and bisexual men than among men who have sex with women only. If a man has long-term sexual partners, HPV the chances and the transmission of HPV has already occurred and he has too. Men who have HIV are also at higher risk for cancer.

The types of HPV and cervical cancer are generally not lead to health problems for heterosexual men who have sex with a woman infected with HPV. If a partner of HPV, it does not necessarily mean they have sex with someone else had recently. The virus is dormant in the body for years without causing symptoms.

How to diagnose genital warts in men? To diagnose genital warts in men, the visual inspection of a physician skilled in the genital area to see if the warts are present. Some doctors apply a vinegar solution to identify warts that are not raised and visible. But the test is not infallible. Sometimes normal skin is mistakenly identified as a wart.

There is no routine test for men, for high-risk strains of HPV that can cause cancer under consideration. Some doctors urge anal Pap tests for gays and bisexual men at increased risk of anal cancer caused by HPV. In anal Pap test, the doctor collects cells from the anus, and then examined in a laboratory abnormalities.

HPV in men is clear from the body better than women. Women in general, often eliminate the virus within two years or less. The vaccine against HPV, Gardasil, was approved for use among women in 2006, is not yet approved for men. Studies are underway to determine if the vaccine is effective in men. Finally, public health experts, boys and men can be vaccinated.

Anal cancer with radiation of chemotherapy and surgery. Specific treatments depend on the stage of cancer – the size of the tumor and how far the cancer has spread. Early treatment of warts is not recommended by some doctors because genital warts can disappear on their own. It may also take the time to attend all the warts.

Such a person, warts treated as soon as they can show a different treatment need later. There is no treatment for HPV infection in men in the absence of symptoms are present. Instead, doctors treat the health problems caused by the HPV virus. When genital warts, see a variety of treatments can be used.

The patient can apply at home prescription creams. Or a doctor can surgically remove or freeze the warts. However, the patient returned to a painful surgical procedure that results in skin lesions / scars, and the probability Warts. Vaccines, the HPV virus can infect stop the system, but not at all helpful for people who already have warts.

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