Wart Removal Secrets

by Rachel on November 6, 2010

Did you know that the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the mother cause of the ugly-looking bumps on your skin called the warts? Warts can appear on any part of the body and are of different shapes, sizes and colour. What ever be the size or colour, they are enough to spoil your looks and personality. Especially if the warts are on the exposed portion of your hands, legs, face, neck or forehead.

While wart virus is not an air-borne virus and therefore not contagious, it can still spread to other parts of the body or to other individuals by touching the infected area or by using the personal items of an infected person. One must therefore exercise care for the spread of virus.

There are various methods of treating warts. The options are clinical or medical treatment to tried and tested home remedies. A skin specialist normally does the medical treatments, which is expensive. If the doctor decides to remove the warts by a clinical procedure, it may even be painful. Pain apart, the worst after effect of a clinical procedure could be the appearance of a scar after the procedure.

Clinical procedure may at times also result in the wart reappearing as the virus was not destroyed from the root. This could be quite devastating as the reappearance of warts could be in increased number and enlarged size.

Clinical procedures normally consist of freezing the wart and allowing it to peel off, burning the wart by laser or using surgery to remove the wart. All these procedures are not only expensive but also have the danger of leaving a scar.

Home remedies have some effective treatments for wart removal. These are not quick or fast as the clinical methods but they are permanent and most importantly, painless.

One of the most effective methods is by applying a duct tape on the effected area completely covering the wart and a small area around the wart. The tape is allowed to remain on the skin for about a week and then removed. The warts should normally come off with the tape. Certain chronic conditions may require the person to repeat the application of duct tape two or three times before the wart peels off.

Application of Aloe Vera extract, tea oil or castor oil over the warts continuously for a couple of weeks also results in removal of warts.

There are a number of effective and proven home remedies for removal of warts. These remedies are cheap and painless. Home remedies have no after effect like causing a scar on the skin or the wart reappearing as the remedy treats the cause and not the symptom of the disease – the virus. Yes, home remedies do take longer to show results.

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