Warts can be Successfully Eliminated with Plant Medicine

by Rachel on November 7, 2010

HPV is the cause of both genital and non-genital warts. This is a very common family of viruses. There are actually more than one hundred different strains of HPV. Approximately thirty exist in the genital area and can cause genital wart. These thirty strains can be further broken down to high and low risk strains. High risk strains may cause changes in a Pap smear which may rarely progress to cancer. There are approximately thirteen high-risk strains of HPV, of which two are believed to cause about seventy percent of all cervical cancer.

Low risk strains sometimes cause changes in a pap smear, but do not progress to cancer. Of the low-risk strains, two are most likely to cause genital warts. HPV is spread by close genital contact, and is thus nearly always sexually transmitted. While there have been rare reports of infection from tanning beds, it is extremely unlikely that this virus would be transmitted through shared clothing, bed sheets, etc. The time from infection until you have any signs is both long and variable. It may be anywhere from a few weeks to more than one year.

In addition, any changes that do occur may not be noticed for additional months or years. Thus, it is often extremely difficult or impossible to figure out who infected whom. Warts may not be present but when they are they tend to grow in the genital area in both men and women. In addition, they may be seen in or around the urethra, anus and sometimes the mouth, lips, tongue and throat. The warts may vary in appearance. HPV infection is extremely common. It is estimated that at any given time twenty to forty million Americans are infected.

Over a typical college career approximately sixty percent of sexually active women will become infected. The HPV virus is so common that it can almost be considered normal to have it. While it is assumed that a similar number of men are also infected, there are no good statistics as it is harder to test for HPV in men than women. Cancer of the cervix is almost always caused by HPV infection. However, early changes on the cervix which could lead to cancer are nearly always discovered on pap tests.

Since HPV is transmitted by close genital contact, condoms provide some, but imperfect, protection against infection. There is no test that can guarantee that anyone are not infected with HPV. HPV infection is particularly serious in those with an immune disorder HPV can be contracted by one person, cause absolutely no symptoms, and, months or years later, be transmitted to a new partner. Women can be diagnosed either by a Pap test which suggests HPV and is then confirmed by a second test or by the presence of visible warts.

Men can only be diagnosed if warts can be seen. A vinegar solution is sometimes applied to the skin to help visualize flat warts. The large majority of people cure themselves usually without ever knowing that they had been infected. Average length of time from infection to cure is about eight months. Most times, if low risk HPV is detected in a woman without symptoms, we would recommend only watchful waiting as treatment. Most people cure themselves usually without ever knowing that they were infected.

This would be the usual treatment for those women found to have HPV on routine testing or with mildly abnormal pap smears. There are several treatment options for treating HPV/warts. These range from prescription creams, to burning the warts with acid or by laser, freezing them with liquid nitrogen, or surgical removal. Treatment by any of theses means often, but not always, leads to a cure. Some women will need to go for a test called colposcopy to take a better look at the cervix. During this test, treatment to the cervix is often done.

Warts occurring on the body, face, feet, hands or genitals can be successfully eliminated with plant medicine. It is made from strictly certified organic antiviral plant material and concentrated with naturally occurring monoterpene ketones which have tremendous antiviral effects against the wart virus, as demonstrated in published scientific studies. This anti-warts treatment is characterized by very strong and real pharmacological activities which unequivocally qualifies it as ethical drug. Natural medicine awaked and has improved and developed greatly.

Existing chemicals cannot fully meet the need of the community. Very recent advances in the scientific understanding of medicinal plants suggest a much broader use of natural medicine in the process of eradicating warts than science thought possible. The antiviral properties of this treatment is undisputed and basic common sense must be considered when using any treatment, natural or synthetic. It is imperative that there is trust in the manufacturers who are the purveyors for quality. To learn more, please go to http://www.naturespharma.org.

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