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by Rachel on July 29, 2010

Identification of a viral agent such as HPV cause of the disease means that success or prophylactic therapeutic intervention against the viral agent, the disease to prevent its causes. A pre-existing viral infection can theoretically be targeted by antiviral therapy or vaccine.

The success of antiviral drugs have been developed for the treatment of certain viral infections, including diseases such as HIV and influenza, are not effective against viruses such as HPV. A therapeutic vaccine against HPV infection would be highly desirable that the tumor-associated complications of HPV infection that develop only warning after many years of infection.

But despite ongoing efforts to develop an effective therapeutic vaccine against HPV and other viral infections, none has been proven very effective clinically, probably because vaccines are not sufficiently essential elements of a curative immune response have imitated.

On the other hand, prophylactic vaccines have been developed against a variety of viral pathogens of humans and are often a cost-effective approach in diseases caused by these pathogens involved. To a large extent implemented a prophylactic vaccine should generally provide a high level of protection at least several years without a raise and to be particularly safe, it is given to healthy individuals.

The recognition of HPV as a cause of cancer of the cervix and other diseases, therefore, suggested that should influence an effective vaccine against HPV in a position with benign and malignant conditions attributable to HPV infection . However, prophylactic vaccines against infectious agents that cause approved systemic diseases have been resolved.

Moreover, efforts to develop vaccines against sexually transmitted agents, such as HPV, the disease results from a local infection is not yet proven. It is believed that the neutralizing antibodies because the basic form of most prophylactic vaccines and viruses that cause disease only after passing through the traffic are available, the neutralizing antibodies in the blood.

Another limitation is that the presence of HPV oncogenes in suggested a subunit vaccine approach would be theoretically better, with an inactivated vaccine or live attenuated virus vaccine, and it was unclear whether a vaccine sub- Unity against HPV has the potential to be effective against local infections are caused by genital HPV.

Despite these uncertainties, two pharmaceutical companies have recently reported a remarkable degree of protection of vaccine candidates against HPV prophylactic. Vaccines that both companies are developing are subunit virus-like particle (VLP) vaccines, a single viral protein, L1, which is the major structural (capsid) protein of the virus and contains neutralization epitopes immunodominant virus.

The medical community has not had success, to send a treatment is effective, to develop existing infection without damaging skin extent, trauma or recurrence. It is important that China has banned such vaccines, as they found that injecting a virus into your system only works, it stays in your system remains latent in the joints, causing horrible again in later years , arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

For warts, remedies are not much better than WartCure. It has been proven to eliminate warts and heal from time to time. This natural treatment to cure warts topical shows a broad spectrum of activity against the HPV virus that causes warts. It kills the HPV and has a curative effect against warts. It is one of the most powerful and effective topical remedy for warts on the market.

WartCure offers a safe and effective alternative to costly and invasive treatment. This highly effective antiviral drugs wart contains organic extracts confirmed that the proven ability not only to kill the wart virus, but also stimulate CD4 T cells. These cells are responsible for cleaning the cells infected by viruses, so that our products better than other remedies against warts, because it operates without return, discomfort or tissue damage.

The therapeutic effect of WartCure is implemented through its rapid absorption into the skin. For warts, must act quickly in the tissues of the skin heals. Organic essential oils in WartCure are lipophilic (fat, skin as absorbent) and low molecular weight. This allows them to go gently into the skin tissue and DNA of the cell membrane, where they attack and destroy the HPV.

Bio-tissue extracts, which showed the highest antiviral activity against HPV in extensive scientific studies, but the skin has been bearable blended to create superior solution wart cure. In the vast majority of cases WartCure quickly and effectively eliminates warts without damaging the tissue or scarring. For more information, visit http://www. bcured. net.

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