Watchful Waiting Is Not Appropriate For Hpv Infection

by Rachel on June 5, 2010

The most common cause of cancer of the cervix is the persistent infection with high risk types of human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV infection of the cervix is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). An HPV infection in the past, you or your partner may be abnormal years, changes in cervical cells before the case because the virus can remain in the body for life.

HPV infection does not usually cause symptoms and often goes away without problems, if you or your partner may not be aware of any current or past infection HPV. Expectant mothers have the same risk of developing cancer of the cervix than non-pregnant women. Other risk factors that may increase your risk of cancer of the cervix, the following lists.

(1) High-risk sexual behaviors, for example, has more than one sexual partner or with a partner, more than one sexual partner. safer sex can reduce the risk. (2) With the pill for more than five years. This may be related to infection with HPV. (3) exposure to diethylstilbestrol (DES) before birth (prenatal exposure), although this is rare.

(4) with a weakened immune system. For example, women are emerging with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have higher rates of HPV infection are more likely to develop cancer of the cervix to cellular changes of HPV and cancer the cervix are more likely to develop rapidly in the cellular changes. (5) smoking or smoking history, and possibly exposure to tobacco smoke.

If you are diagnosed with cancer of the cervix has been, you should have your doctor’s instructions on the application, if you follow the problems, new symptoms or complaints are worse. If you’re concerned about your symptoms or if you think you should call an increased risk of cancer of the cervix, your health professional if you have the following symptoms.

Unexpected bleeding between periods. Menstruation is irregular, only three months in a row. Heavy menstrual bleeding, which requires you to a maxi-pad or tampon every hour for super more than eight hours of change. Bleeding after sex or rinsing. Pain during intercourse. Abnormal vaginal discharge containing mucus that may be bloody.

health experts can assess your symptoms and your risk factors and cervical cancer can be diagnosed. Regular screening Pap test is the most important tool in the identification and treatment of changes in cervical cells before they progress to cancer of the cervix uteri in cancer. Cancer of the cervix was diagnosed after she should be treated. Wait is not appropriate.

Genital warts are caused by HPV. These warts are spread through intimate skin to skin contact with an infected partner. identified from about 200 types of HPV have now infected more than 30, the possibility of the genital tract. However, HPV types 6 and 11 for approximately 90% of genital warts, and are therefore prime targets for HPV cures.

Genital warts can vary in appearance. You can be very small, can occur in clusters and can not in large masses in the genital area to develop. They seem so common among women than men. They occur either in the vagina, cervix, or around the anus in women. For men, they usually occur in the head or shaft of the penis, scrotum or around the anus.

Most physicians use cautery or freezing as a first option to cure genital warts. Unfortunately, the success of this method is achieved often temporary, and the warts soon. For genital warts, treatment can include surgery under excise or burn them. be used after surgery or chemical acids, we can expect a scar in this area.

Genital warts often require an immediate cure against HPV, which are in a position to both the visible symptoms and the virus responsible for eliminating the need to be truly effective. HPVCurative cure is a new very efficient and powerful for genital warts. It is noted cures for his role in the field of genital warts, and the total clearance of the infection and over again.

HPVCurative contains organic herbal extracts and anti-viral essential oils, including the ability to act as anti-HPV showed laboratory certified to act. Users experience HPVCurative rapid removal of genital warts without scarring or recurrence. The treatment is painless and gives excellent results when compared to other treatments against HPV.

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