What are the causes, symptoms and treatment of genital warts (HPV) in women?

by Rachel on July 26, 2014

genital warts in women are growths that occur in the genital area and can be gray or fleshy color. They are very contagious and they are one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. Genital warts caused by the HPV virus. Types of the virus that causes warts are not cancerous in most cases, but they spread very quickly. Sexual contact is sometimes sufficient for the virus. It can take months or even years before the warts are visible after the virus has reached the body. In most patients, is the incubation time of three months. Unfortunately, if the HPV virus in contact, there is no way to get rid of them. There are several options for the treatment of genital warts, but occur in 50% of cases again. HPV is very likely to be active during pregnancy again. Genital warts disappear for many women after giving birth, but they are for newborns are dangerous and prevent the woman vaginal delivery.

warts occur among women in general in the wetlands of their sexual organs. They may vary very close to each other formed by multiple warts size to extremely small to large. It is not uncommon for warts affect several areas. You must be an emergency and women need to consult a doctor if the warts or bleeding are located in a position which prevented them from urinating. Symptoms of genital warts in women are not very strict. Some women complain of itching and burning, while others may also notice a discharge.

Genital warts are sometimes difficult to diagnose, and they must be examined by a physician using specific substances and procedures even notice when she appeared on the cervix or of other areas. A Pap test is to check the condition of the cervix and to ensure that the HPV virus is not done maliciously.

physicians in general medicine for warts and once the treatment is completed, it is also recommended for patients who regularly visit the doctor for a Pap test to see if the infection to pass under control . There are also methods to remove warts, or electrocution by freezing. Laser treatment is an option for women who suffer from recurrent genital warts and surgery is considered when the warts are small and their number is not significant.

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