What are the risks associated with std’s with a uncircumsized man?

by Rachel on October 21, 2010

I have slept with a uncircumsized man protected, but a week after I have noticed a milky discharge and mild itching. What are the risks of sleeping with this man. Are certain bacteria assciated with them or what? He’s clean and dosen’t have an std hiself so I am confused…..Please help me!

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FIONA F October 21, 2010 at 3:18 am

Uncircumcised men do not carry special bacteria unique to them. What you may be recalling is that HIV in particular is more likely to be transmitted from an uncircumcised man as there is a greater concentration of virus behind the foreskin.

You may have bacterial vaginosis or thrush, neither of which are STI’s but can be associated with sexual intercourse due to the disruption of your normal bacterial balance in the vagina. For example, you may have been more likely to douche the vagina or use scented soaps in that area either before or after sex which can disrupt the PH balance of the vagina leading to an overgrowth of certain bacteria or fungi.

I’m sure you have nothing to worry about but you should see your doctor and get a swab test done so that you can find out what the problem is and get treatment if you wish. Most vaginal infections will resolve themselves naturally however so you may be best just to refrain from using soap to wash (just plain water) and use cotton panties and no tight jeans or leggings until your symptoms subside.

dsagar October 21, 2010 at 3:28 am

How do you know he is clean….. this sounds kind of hokey but unfortunately these days with the depressing statistics, you can’t trust anyone unless you ask for the results…. on PAPER. Until he shows you those, I wouldn’t start sexual activity with him again…. although using protection was a very smart thing to do. And get yourself tested asap… there are plenty of free STD clinics around. If you want to know some in your area, just message me.

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