What Do Genital Warts Look Like? – How To Identify Genital Warts

by Rachel on May 16, 2010

Learn genital warts look like What? When you click on the question of what genital warts look like to do, ask, you could be a few bumps in the shape of cauliflowered on the buttocks, anal or vaginal areas. There could be hundreds of these bumps, and they will hurt if you touch them. . In men, they occur on the penis and scrotum sex, it is very painful. It could also raised bumps and flat. Click for pictures of genital warts HereTransmission This disease is caused by the human papillomavirus, or HPV can be transmitted through sexual contact or by simply touching another person. If you have had sex with a stranger, it can occur up to three months for warts. It should be noted, however, even if you or your partner have warts, and I feel fine, the virus is still transmitted and highly contagious, so always use a condom that. Also be aware that condoms are effective and notcompletely can not prevent transmission, remember that the disease is transmitted by contact with skin. During treatment, you may be embarrassed to discuss the status, it is important that you are treated. Even if you never be able to get rid of the virus may be quite capable of getting rid of warts. There are several ways to get rid of them, including drugs such as podofilox and trichloroacetic acid, surgery, the doctor is the warts with a scalpel or clinical procedures such as freezing or burning them removed with a laser. Even after treatment, there is the possibility of recurrence. In some rare cases, the warts off of himself, but what is rare and occurs in less than 20% of cases. Even if you must ensure that treatment does not deteriorate further, as is often the case forward. to use contraception and condoms for testing whether you are sexually active and have sex with many partners is a necessity. There is also a new vaccine will be available for men Merck. It is currently approved by the FDA. There is already a vaccine for women, called Gardasil. You should always consult a doctor before undergoing treatment. Also, remember that you should not on treatment as Compound W wart cons, for genital warts. This medicine is too strong to be used in these sensitive areas and can damage the skin. So if you can ask what looks like genital warts, have a look on the Internet for general information, but seek the advice of a doctor for treatment.

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