What is HPV and What Are the Ways to Protect Yourself From It

by Rachel on June 18, 2010

Human Papillomavirus HPV is known as a sexually transmitted disease affected, currently about 20 million Americans and has no known cure, although the virus is often itself without treatment.

In this article, you will discover what exactly is HPV, and some different ways you can protect yourself against them, even if the only way to get HPV is through abstinence is not guaranteed.

The first thing you should know is to know about HPV, there are certain areas of the genital warts and other components, it can cause cancer of the cervix result in women who are why you want everything to be done to ensure that you protect it.

As before, the only way HPV can not be guaranteed through sex or not any type of skin to skin contact established with the genital area. Of course, for the vast majority of sexually active adults, but not this option.

The next surest way is to have only one sexual partner at a time and you get tested before engaging in any sexual activity. Unfortunately, with this option, especially the one person who is not only safe sex with someone you know that you are always at risk of contracting HPV means.

Your next option and most common is to use a condom during sex, which protects you as a good work against HPV, as long as you use condoms correctly, and it includes all the sexual parts of the body are exposed to each other. However, the testes of men exposed and often in contact with the vagina, you’re always in danger, ie.

Fortunately, research has shown that carrageenan prevents the transmission of HPV, which together with a lubricant such as Natural Carrageenan personal lubricant is during your sexual activities, especially with a condom a good way to prevent transmission of HPV to Once partner does.

If you agree that all natural personal lubricant carrageenan a woman “better” has the feeling that it may begin to understand that with this personal lubricant is always a good choice.

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