Where to Avail HPV Testing

by Rachel on June 27, 2010

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Where to take advantage of HPV testing


Human papillomavirus, or HPV, is one of the most dangerous diseases sexually transmitted diseases. People should be very careful about their health and prevent this type of transmission of pathogens, as the detection and diagnosis of their complaints be quite difficult. There are many clinical trials to test the STD HPV, which is the Pap test. Doctors recommend that people who choose to undergo some form of sexual activity, Pap test at least once a year for infection with human papillomavirus. About 40 strains of human papilloma virus is the cause of sexually transmitted diseases in the human body.

Today is a very happy that a number of medical centers in the Internet directory of STD testing. Contributing to their websites, the public knows where they fill HPV. The majority of clinics, a person not entitled to take all sorts of tests for all types of sexually transmitted diseases. Some hospitals that specialize in testing a particular type of STD. Tests of human papilloma virus may be limited to persons at high risk of sexually transmitted diseases are administered. Not all hospitals can use the service for HPV.

It is always recommended for women who undergo Pap tests. This procedure involves removing cells from the cervix. And by observation, is an indicator of cervical cancer of the uterus, the presence of cancerous cells or precancerous cells, resulting from infection by the human papillomavirus. This type of test is usually on women aged 21 and over made. When it comes to men, suggest the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that men prefer not to STD screening, women are subjected. However, screening should be regular, if a man is involved in sexual activity with another man.

There are other times, DNA testing for persons infected with human papilloma virus are carried out in collaboration with the Pap test. This type of combination of tests is not the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for women whose age under 30. The reason is clear that the human papilloma virus and can heal quickly among women in this age group. And yielding a positive result for a person of that age region, leading to complications of the situation.


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