Why does my cervix look like this? I don’t have any children!?

by Rachel on May 16, 2011

My doctor said my cervix looks like that of a lady who has given birth and wants to run some more tests.
I had a pap smear done and it was normal.
She said my cervix is long and that there is a little bump on the end as if I had a baby.

I have never had children in my life.
I didn’t become sexually active until February of this year.I’m 27 years old.
I did not get pregnant and I’m not pregnant now.

I am really scared.
She wants me to come back in 3 weeks and she wants to refer me to get a colpscopy done.

What things could cause the cervix of a childless woman to look as if she had a child?

Is this a sign of cancer?

I have never had HPV(human papilloma virus) so there is just no way that I should have cervical cancer. HPV causes cervical cancer.I have never had no HPV. I use protection when I have sex and no the condoms haven ‘t busted or anything.

Why does my cervix look like I had a child? I don’t have children and I have never been pregnant.

Is it cancer? Is it fibroids? Is it incompetent cervix?

Why would a childless woman have a cervix like that of a woman who has had a child?

What is this?
What could have caused this?
I’m freaking out here because this doctor doesn’t have answers.
I am getting really frustrated because I want to know whats going on.
And if I do have cancer I want something done about it before it advances.
Yet the doctor can’t explain why my cervix looks like I had a baby when I don’t even have children.

What is this condition called?
What is going on?
Am I abnormal?
Will this effect me having kids?

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kimmy May 16, 2011 at 5:09 pm

i know your scared but try to calm down. the doctor may have an idea of what it could be but is waiting on your test results. god bless.

Gothika Helms May 16, 2011 at 5:37 pm

The doctor cannot make any diagnosis until the results are back, and they have taken all the necessary precautions.
Stressing will not do you any good, just relax, and try not to stress too much.
I’m sure with will be fine. :)

Rachel May 16, 2011 at 6:32 pm

dont freak out. your doctor wants to run the tests to find out the problem..some women have abnormal shaped uterus and cervix’s its not too big of a deal. you’ll find out soon. try googling or reading books about the reproductive system and specifically the cervix to find out more info while your waiting to hear the results of the tests. (:

As you Wish May 16, 2011 at 6:45 pm

My doctor said my cervix is off to the right, and way up there. She had to use some kind of extender thing to give me a pap smear actually. Try to calm down sweetie, I know that’s hard but hopefully it’s not that serious.

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