Why is HPV usually only associated with women?

by Rachel on May 27, 2011

And why do usually women only get vaccinated, when men can also obtain the virus?

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carobygirl May 27, 2011 at 11:53 pm

HPV doesn’t cause disease in men like it does in women- unfair:(

ccccc May 28, 2011 at 12:03 am

b/c there is no real test for men to see if they have it for sure.

it can cause penial cancer.

MadameXCupcake May 28, 2011 at 12:04 am

They are testing the Vaccine for use on men, not because its good but because the pharma company will get more money. Gardasil is a horrible vaccine.

One risk is it may increase cervical cancer rates, there are many more, which you can find using google.
“This is how the vaccine may increase the number of cancers: There is something called the “enhancing antibody effect” in tumor immunology. When you inject a low-zone dose (small amount)of antibody which is specifically made against tumor antigens this can interfere with the body’s natural defense mechanism against tumors.(antigens are chemicals on viruses, bacteria or tumors that may act as targets for antibodies to attach to; antibodies are molecules in the body that attach to foreign substances such as viruses like HPV or Hepatitis B virus or tumor cells, identifying them for attack cells such as macrophages to destroy; now you have a basic understanding of the field of immunology! [...]
If you inject a viral antigen into a person (the HPV vaccine), the body produces specific antibodies against this antigen. Over time (usually 5-10 years)the level (amount) of antibody in the body naturally drops, while the body is no longer exposed to the antigen. At some point this becomes “low dose” levels. AT THIS POINT IF YOU ARE EXPOSED TO THE VIRUS, THE VIRUS WILL MULTIPLY FASTER THAN IF YOU NEVER RECEIVED THE VACCINE (HPV) AGAINST THE VIRUS AND THE PERSON WILL HAVE DIFFICULTY FIGHTING OFF THE VIRUS. 80% of persons infected with the HPV naturally clear and the destroy the virus with their own immune system. Then there is NO risk of cancer from the virus. It is the persons that do not clear the virus (the viral infection becomes chronic) that develop cancer if they are infected with one of the few cancer producing strains of HPV.

As young girls will naturally drop their antibody levels, by the time they reach sexual maturity and engage in sex and get exposed to HPV, the low-zone antibody levels will interfere with the body’s immune system (enhancing antibody effect) and a larger proportion of the women (presently 20 %) will NOT CLEAR THE VIRUS AND THEREFORE WILL BE AT RISK FOR CERVICAL CANCER”

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