Why Is My Corn Still Causing Problems?

by Rachel on May 15, 2010


I have a painful corn on my heel had more than five months. The GP thought it was a wart and prescribed various creams, which made no difference. I could not walk the property, so the doctor then sent me to a podiatrist, a maize diagnosed, they removed, put a little cream and covered. The maize has been approved, but my foot and leg still bring me to tears of pain and walking is difficult, do not contribute analgesic. What can I do?


Corns are areas of the skin, usually found on the soles of the feet obscured. They usually occur when the pressure or friction of shoes at a maximum, on the heel, including fingers and toes along with the girl. (Sometimes, “corns appear on the hands, fingers or other general areas that have been subjected to pressure).

Corns are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause the same virus, warts, or warts in the genital area, face, eyelids and armpits is. At the foot of HPV causes the growth of skin cells that start out as a central stem and grow as a cauliflower through the epidermis (the virus is actually a benign tumor).

The corn stalk is low in the live-dermis of the skin and is in contact with blood vessels and nerve endings. Sun external pressure on corn, mainly to walk in tight shoes can cause excruciating pain.

Chiropodists traditional uses in India to go from village to village, and urged customers to their horns removed and the treatment of fungal toenails can. Sharp, sharp goat horns with a hole in the head, she sucked the head of chicken little by little eyes. These bits have been collected and counted, then pay per capita grain. This ancient skill is unfortunately endangered.

Today, the horns are treated with a variety of preparations. Some are caustic agents that are applied topically, and eat in the layer of the skin. This “keracolytic ‘products are able to destroy the real growth, so that if the roots are intact, the corn fungus again. (They have, however, tend to destroy the surrounding skin, are rarely used today .)

Also destroyed or surgical laser treatment, which can be seen, but HPV can continue to grow and create more problems, especially when pressure on the affected area. Other preparations do exhibit antiviral properties and may grow further by removing the viral activity under control.

The reason for your pain, training is almost certainly because the handle was not completely removed, and rose again.

* The treatment of corns is not, as you experience your pain, easy to know. In your case, I suggest you consider therapy Marigold, originally created by Dr M Khan Taufic. It is a type of marigold, containing chemicals with antiviral properties. A paste of marigold does is let the corn “and blindfolded for several days. The dough is to eat the corn stalk and destroy the virus. Fresh dressings were applied until corn disappears. oil concern is then the healed area for a term applied to ensure that no other viral activity takes place. Plus, you get to learn tips, shoe and foot massage and exercise to help the pressure on the affected area.

Marigold therapy is the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital (tel 020 7391 8833; for NHS treatment, you will need a referral from your doctor). The Marigold Clinic offers an integrated approach to foot care, herbal therapies with topical cornbining Marigold podiatry and homeopathy. Unfortunately, you may need to go on the waiting list, that the therapy is so successful that the hospital is very complete. (Dr. Tariq Khan, deputy director of the clinic to RLHH Souci, is also a consultant to the Integrated Medical Center.)

This is a private clinic Marigold Dagenham, East London (tel 020 8201 1188), where you also have a list of contacts nationally to private practitioners for treatment of anxiety.

* At the same time, you could start by homeopaths. A good homeopathic constitutional treatment will help in general, and specific treatments for the condition.


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