Why The HPV Vaccine Controversy?

by Rachel on June 22, 2010

Most people have a cancer prevention vaccine Gardasil called to hear, and the vaccine against HPV. If you do not, there are good chances that you have not heard of the controversial vaccine against HPV. What is the controversy?

Well, it’s very simple, give the vaccine to girls and boys begins at the time before puberty. It is very similar to other vaccines a child is given. The vaccine against HPV is cervical cancer and cervical warts, which are often the result of the virus itself, which can cause cancer and sterility to avoid frequent and sometimes death. Although usually given to children, tweens, the vaccine is also effective for people who have not contracted the four types of viruses. It is expected that 80% world population has already been ordered at least one of four types of viruses. The controversy stems from his parents’ concern that the HPV virus can be contracted through sexual contact. Many do not want this kind of contact with a child who is prepubescent, because they feared it could encourage sexual promiscuity are discussed. The fact is that many vaccines are given to young children and this should not be different. Protect your child from a future cancer causing viruses, has nothing to do with early sexual promiscuity, and all stop to give your child the possibility of unnecessary surgery or cancer treatment . There is no doubt that a conversation may be necessary for your child this vaccine, especially because it is important to note that although Gardasil protects against cervical cancer, they do not prevent other types sexually transmitted diseases. As with other vaccines administered to your child, and they understand that they can understand that this vaccine is to protect their future health.

The polemic against HPV is unfortunately widespread ignorance and especially rumors. Do not let your child hearsay without protection against potentially infectious viruses and carcinogens. Read everything you can about this vaccine, instead of solely relying on the belief system of his own family, before a final decision. Also, be sure to have a conversation with your child about other types of sexually transmitted diseases, if your child is ready.

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