Why We Should not Ignore Early Genital Warts Signs

by Rachel on June 6, 2010

This is something my friend and I prefer not to speak in public and in the early genital warts. This condition is real, so real that over 80% of the adult population worldwide has received, not one way or another. Just because you prevent genital warts early, this does not mean they disappear. One thing is certain, if you are the first signs of genital warts, you do harm to yourself and your partner may not take into account. Some signs of genital warts actually manifest itself in a particular manner, you never see them in time, but if it is too early genital warts signs these should not go unnoticed. The advice of a doctor should be sought as soon as possible, which is my friend. It did not take a chance and I thank him today. Genital warts infection is also known as HPV, which is the human papillomavirus for people who need to be specific. I have to believe that this virus is a form of herpes, but later I realize that this is not true. Genital warts and herpes infections are two separate, but both are really short of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. At the beginning of genital warts are considered very contagious since they affect the mucous membranes and are transmitted by direct skin contact with an infected person. The contraction of genital warts usually occurs during sex, which is the mouth, anus, penis and of course the vagina. But be warned that a person will also become infected again, to other parts of her body when she does not remember to wash their hands after coming into contact with warts. The best thing to do to keep, not the silence on the first signs of genital warts. Regardless of how you would feel open, so embarrassing to their doctor about the problem, one step of courage and you could save further damage to a valuable part of your body. Human papillomavirus, also linked to cancer of the cervix that HPV can be a chance to advance, if untreated, genital warts are known to receive gifts. But since the beginning of genital warts may cause no symptoms, some people will look more and more difficult for them prompt treatment There are several other indications that the early symptoms of genital warts can be translated anyway. This could bleeding during intercourse, burning or itching in the genital area, small red or pink flesh swelling, which take the form of a cauliflower, among others. If you by any of the above, chances are suffering, you could by HPV, and assistance to try, start treatment immediately. Because of its highly contagious nature, sexual partners should not be left out because they could not suffer in silence when they could be looking for medical help to determine whether genital papillomavirus human Sexual intercourse with a partner, which means HPV does not necessarily mean that you are infected with genital warts show early signs or symptoms immediately. Perhaps due to changes in the immune system of each individual, it may even be something between three weeks for a few years. Because of this factor, it is quite difficult to know how, when and by whom the disease controlled contract farming. Note for those who have multiple sexual partners shows the chances of early symptoms of genital warts are very high and almost immediately. Remember, this depends greatly on the state of your health when you forgive and viruses such as HPV, is that you come.

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