Wii Crossfire Integrated Remote Pistol

by Rachel on May 19, 2010

  • Acts as a Wii remote and compatible w/ Wii software titles
  • Built in speakers for improved audio experience
  • The first integrated pistol remote for Wii games
  • Fully functional Wii Remote
  • Enhanced Vibration Function

Additional Cross Fire Gun for Nintendo Wii Remote is the first and only weapon available for the Wii Remote that has already been integrated into the design of firearms. Instead of a simple plastic shell house project of the Wii Remote Penguin really has the Crossfire with the remote control is already built in. As designed, the keys A and B and D were to pay for easy access and features repositioned . . . . More>>

Wii Crossfire Integrated Remote Pistol

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Glenn Waldrip May 19, 2010 at 1:36 am

It’s really a cause shiny, smooth, a button is located in the same place as a clip to the trigger for a real gun for a rapid reload singles Overkill located. not permanent, by any means, I broke two days in use: the trigger broke in the middle of the game. but I’m still two more to make a backup, because it’s good. we hope to get a legitimate business with a little similar. just buy a Chinese fragile and treat it as a newborn and whether before a real company issued a longer-lasting than the first 5 to expire. Rating: 5.3

A. Warrick May 19, 2010 at 3:52 am

We bought this thinking it was a good idea with integrated controller. We noted, however, it contained no instructions and no list of compatible games, the weapon use. We have new batteries. . . and still no batteries are included and do not know where on the package means to say, if you need it or not. Everything we are dealing with a few flash lamp (the same four small lights like the Wii Remote) It would flash for about 3 seconds and stop. We tried another set of batteries, same result. It is a misconception and that the manufacturer can not documentation or an indication of whether you need batteries or is not on the packaging that lame. Rating: 5.1

B. Norris May 19, 2010 at 5:37 am

Now, as far as Wii-motes are concerned, it’s just as well. I found the IR sensor is only a little more off, but nothing that could affect play. And the keys are stored. Overall, a great performance, and I recommend anyone with the Wii. Rating: 5.4

Heidi Burke May 19, 2010 at 7:17 am

I bought this gun a month ago and I am very satisfied with its performance. The advantage of this weapon is compared to other guns Wii is the fact that it is a fully functional remote control, rather than a mere shell. As such, the keys are better placed to avoid the difficult maneuvers. It also suppresses the output process of the Wii-mote in and out of a bowl that can be a disadvantage. The only drawback that I noticed occurs when the Wii will lose reception temporarily gun. This happens occasionally and lasts a second or two. I do not know if it’s the fault of the weapon or a problem with my Wii, because I experienced similar problems with other remotes. Overall, I recommend this weapon to any other weapon I have tried so far. Bravo and well worth the price. Rating: 5.4

CLH May 19, 2010 at 8:39 am

The literature on this concept is to distract me. None of the devices I’ve seen or tried seemed to really take a natural experiment. The concept of the weapon as a controller actually looks exactly the right idea, with this remote is not the answer I had hoped – at least not yet nicht.Einige Wii games use the A button and use part of the B-button as the trigger – this controller you can use the B button as a trigger. The A button is placed on your support for the thumb, but to learn to use fire A is not impossible – only one track (pun intended). More difficult than the placement of the trigger – for some of the games I play – like Metroid Prime – the placement of the + and -. They are difficult to strike it on the page – above all, I seem a response from the left hand erraten.Die a bit slow in terms of response to button presses – but I have not yet sufficient to be used in various games, say that sicher.H├Ątte society has to allocate the new A-and B-button, it would be a much better approach. Rating: 5.2

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