With additions in the fight against HPV

by Rachel on August 9, 2014

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) or dislocation risk patients now have a natural alternative to fight and protect against disease -. Ads welcome for women and girls around the world

The Indian Institute of Toxicology Research Council of Scientific and Industrial Research have discovered that the polyphenols in green tea and black freed (GTP & amp; BTP) are powerful allies in the fight against HPV and cervical cancer cells that create these diseases kill the body. The authors of the study say “tea polyphenols have potential against cancer cervical cancer inhibition of cell growth and induction of apoptosis (programmed cell death).” In simple terms, the properties of tea harmful case of HPV-positive cell cervical cancer will destroy it before it viciously.

Reports from the Center for Disease Control & amp; amp; amp; By doctors and the media – - prevention than 26.8% of American girls and women aged 14-59 suffer from the disease, the vaccine against HPV has gained popularity even preventive use of this vaccine remains low due Risk published this are nausea, paralysis and even death. Furthermore, only the vaccine for girls under 26 is available.

This new study presents a new alternative for people in danger – not effective, but you drink tea as tea heating destroys the inner qualities that are needed to fight against cancer and HPV. Supplements such as Gene-Eden contain enough traces of tea polyphenols necessary as a precautionary while recovering from an illness can be effectively used both and. While disease control, these natural supplements do not carry nasty side effects and provide a natural and much more affordable option for the vaccine; so that girls and women who regularly take nutritional supplements and be sure they are offering the highest possible antiviral.

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